Playing fine Swing tunes for dancers. Keeping the dancefloor packed.

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Meet Dj Il Bacino - the musical conductor for your next Lindy Hop, Baloboa, Shag or Charleston social dance.

His unique mix of Swing, Bebop, Jazz, early Boogie, Spanish Tinge, and exotic rare pearls, will make you move!

Every beat resonates with your heart and soul

Reading the energy

Il Bacino reads the energy on the dancefloor and seamlessly adapts to the mood, keeping your dancefloor packed!

Dancefloor Dynamo

As a swing dancer himself, Il Bacino knows exactly how to set the right tempo and atmosphere, so that every beat resonates with your heart and soul.

Musical senses

As a musician, Il Bacino has an understanding of musical genres. Meet diversety from classics to modern swing and jazz styles.